What's your main products?

We basically produce KIMA Series centrifugal slurry pumps, ANSI chemical process pumps and the replacement parts.

Where are your main products used:

Slurry pumps are mainly used in mining industry and mineral processing and FGD; ANSI chemical process pumps are used in industries from oil refineries to all chemical processing industry.

What's your advantage compared with other manufacturers of the similar products?

Our motto is Better-Faster-Cheaper, and we live by it. If you can accept it, we have no disadvantage.

What's your technical advantage on slurry pumps and ANSI chemical process pumps?

We have more than 10 years of experience. We offer full line (no gaps). OTM hold new patented designs, proprietary materials and processing methods that are superior.

How do you control the quality of your product?

Quality Checklist goes through all procedures, including incoming raw material – processing – assembly – test – FAT , to assure a reliable traceability of quality.

Where have your slurry pumps and ANSI chemical process pumps been exported?

Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Australia and more than 40 countries and regions. 100% of our products are exported.