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Goulds3196 Series Chemical Process Pumps
KIMA G Series

The KIMA G Series ANSI Chemical Process Pump is entirely interchangeable with Goulds 3196. KIMA has been producing the G Series for over 15 years.

All impellers are investment-casted and offered in all sizes up through MTX. In addition, STX casings and select MTX casings are investment-casted, as are our STX and MTX power end parts, optionally available in cast steel in favor of ductile. All large-size casings are resin-casted with pickling (acid washing) to ensure a smooth surface finish.

To ensure quality, we randomly Poke-Oke: we meticulously check the holes by fitting their bolts to ensure the threads are clean and clear. We keep a complete inspection record, available on request. If we find any part where tolerance isn’t spot on, we junk the part, pure and simple. All casings are of course pressure tested and all impellers are dynamic balanced.

It is our standard to deliver all of our impellers in quality foam molded packing. If your company has any specific packaging requirements, from custom-branded castings to box labels, please let us know.

We welcome any contract manufacturing opportunities.


Chemical Process Pumps Material Choices:The wet end parts are available in all standard stainless steels; CF8M, CD4MCu, CN7M, Hastelloy plus higher alloys form HC up to titanium. We can provide any other exotic materials as well, please inquire us.

Disclaimer: Warman®, Goulds® and Durco® and others are the brand names of the respected owners. Any use of competitor names, trademarks, model numbers or part numbers by KIMA PUMPS are for reference only.