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KIMA K22 Series / Blender Pumps


KIMA K22 Series

The KIMA K22 pump is fully interchangeable with MAGNUM XP (14x12x22) the fracking industry standard, and an option for blending applications. K22 parts are fully interchangeable with NOV MAGNUM XP parts.

The success of our replication lies in the casing: one of the most difficult parts to cast, it has historically been prone to cracks and leaking. After two years of intensive research and development, KIMA has succeeded in developed a process that can deliver consistent, reliable-quality casings free of these flaws. Each casing is properly pressure tested prior to shipping.

Our White Chrome Iron wet end parts have higher overall hardness (BH) than Magnum XP. For instance, our heat treated impeller has twice the hardness compared with OEM, and ensures a considerably longer working life.



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