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About Us

Company History
KIMA has a long history of providing top-quality replication services.  We were the first Chinese-based replicator to offer an ANSI range, and that has translated into 15 years of valuable experience.  Our company has grown alongside rapidly developing manufacturing technology in China, and today we are the most trusted ANSI supplier in the country, thanks to our accumulated technical know-how and experience.  KIMA is a vertically-integrated manufacturer, not a trading company.  We stand by our products and are committed to providing clients with a rewarding, professional experience.
Lines on offer include the ANSI lines, our slurry pump, another trusted KIMA stalwart for nearly a decade, and our latest offering, the KIMA Blender Pump line, designed for fracking industry applications.  In addition, we always welcome any inquiries regarding other types of pumps and parts not currently listed!
KIMA branded and replicated pumps are interchangeable with industry-leading Weir-Warman slurry pumps and Goulds and Durco ANSI chemical process pumps.  These are of course proven, trusted standbys of their respective industries, and KIMA’s exacting quality standards ensure that everything we make is within better-than-OEM tolerances.  
But KIMA offers more than simple replication; innovation is a key component of our mission.  Over the years we have developed our own proprietary materials (namely abrasion- and erosion-resistant metals), and we’ve developed numerous material upgrades and processes.  We’ve made many patented design innovations that improve the performance of our pumps and parts.
Our goal at KIMA is to provide an easy and thoroughly professional experience for our clients.  Too often, manufacturing in China is an arduous and frustrating process for foreign firms.  We want to be the opposite.  At KIMA we strive for professionalism and transparency.  Please get in touch and let us know what we can do for you!
Quality Promise
At KIMA, everything we manufacture has to meet our stringent standards, or it never leaves our facility.  It’s that simple.  There are companies within China whose mindset can be, “It’s off-tolerance, but usable.”  Not so here at KIMA.  Our tolerances run tighter than OEM to ensure the very best quality, and we don’t compromise when it comes to providing our clients with pumps and parts that function the way they were intended to.  The parts produced under our roof go through poke-oke, pressure testing, and dynamic balancing to ensure smooth performance.  We make sure to pickle, clean, and add the proper finishing touches to all of our pumps and parts.  Every detail is covered.  Simply put, nothing leaves our grounds unless we have the utmost confidence that it will look and perform exactly as it should.
Contract manufacturing
Operating from a 33,000 sq ft manufacturing facility on a 16 acre site, KIMA has an ever-expanding capacity to take on contract manufacturing of any of the items we offer, and even those we don’t yet offer!  A cornerstone of our business, we welcome any and all inquiries regarding contract manufacturing.
Conveniently located in Shandong Province between two of China’s major ports, Tianjin and Qingdao, Kima also enjoys easy access to the regional rail hub, Jinan.